Key Ripple Partner and Walmart Aim to “Grow Business”


US-based Walmart, one of the giants in the retail industry, has decided to extend its partnership with Ripple partner MoneyGram. Cross-border payments company MoneyGram and Walmart, which have signed a two-year partnership, plan to extend the partnership until 2024.

According to a press release published on October 6, the two companies will continue to work on the continuation of the Walmart2World money transfer service. Walmart2World money transfer service, which was first launched in 2018, is delivered to users using the MoneyGram infrastructure.

The partnership between Walmart and MoneyGram is more than two years old. In 2014, Walmart announced its special service, Walmart-2-Walmart, for America’s population that cannot access banking services. This service, which reduced transaction fees by approximately 50%, attracted great attention and Walmart decided to provide a similar service not only inside the US but also outside the US.

Ripple Partner MoneyGram To Continue Working With Walmart

Four years after the incident, Walmart’s new and international platform Walmart2World was launched. This made it possible for users in the United States to make payments to more than 200 countries using the MoneyGram infrastructure.

MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes stated in a statement on the subject that customer-oriented strategies will be strengthened with the new partnership decision. Stating that Walmart’s desire to benefit from this service for an additional 3 years is a proof of its interest in its services, the CEO actually drew attention indirectly on Ripple.

MoneyGram is known as one of Ripple’s most talked about partners. Ripple’s payment to MoneyGram every quarter and the famous payment giant’s Ripple infrastructure are the basis of this partnership. Walmart’s decision to extend the partnership is indirectly good news for Ripple.

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