Key features of programming in movies and TV series


Filmlerde ve dizilerde programlamanın öne çıkan özellikleriComic-Con “At Home” released the complete schedule for this year’s panels. The selection is also available on the convention website and allows the public to register to check out the attractions they are interested in.

Altogether there will be more than 350 online sessions, distributed between July 22nd and 26th, and available on the official YouTube channel at their respective times, but for a limited time. To help in your choice, we list the highlights of the series and films of the event, accompanied and the moment of transmission in Brazil (Brasília time zone). Check out!

Star Trek Universe

The panel will bring discussions about the importance of the franchise, as well as current and future TV projects.

Time: 14h.
Solar Opposites
Directors will talk about the second season.

Time: 3pm.
Truth Seekers
Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and the showrunners will discuss the attraction, centered on a team of investigators of paranormal activities.

Time: 16h.

Marvel’s 616

Panel about the production that will explore the vast legacy of the publisher’s stories, characters and creators.

Opening hours: 17h.
His Dark Materials
Discussion about the first year of the series.

Opening hours: 17h.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead will mark its 11th participation at San Diego Comic-Con through previews of the episode “A Certain Doom” – which will address the war with the Whispers -, scheduled for this year.

Opening hours: 17h.
The Walking Dead: World Beyond
The third series of The Walking Dead universe will feature unpublished content about the new mythology of the surviving civilization of the post-apocalyptic world.

Opening hours: 18h.


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