Key decision for App Store commissions from Apple


Stepping back from the company for Apple App Store commissions, which has been on the agenda many times. From now on, a lower rate of income will be shared with companies that meet the specified conditions. Epic Games and Spotify faced Apple because of this revenue share.

30 percent earnings of applications operating in the App Store and earning revenue go to Apple. Software developers, who found this rate high, raised the issue many times.

Change for App Store commissions

With the change made to the name of App Store Small Business Support Program, developers will share less revenue as a small income compared to large companies. Previously, there was a 30 percent revenue share for each developer. However, with the new decision, developers with an annual income of less than $ 1 million will experience a 15 percent cut.

It is necessary to apply for the change made for App Store commissions. As a result of the application, the revenues obtained while selling the application, in-app revenues and subscription revenues will be evaluated over 15 percent.

app store komisyonları

If the developer’s income exceeds $ 1 million during the year, there will be a 30 percent deduction for the entire year’s revenue. If it falls below 1 million again, there will be a 15 percent cut in revenue for next year.

The statement on the subject was made from Apple’s official press room. In the statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook also touched on the importance of small businesses and said that many people are entrepreneurs and employees thanks to these software.

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