Kevin Smith’s Reaction to His name Being Checked by Clerks in the Netflix Series “It’s the 90s”


It seems that many are excited about the “90s Show,” the new Netflix spin-off of the popular sitcom “The Show of the 70s.” Not only are there cameos of some of the fan-favorite characters from the ’70s, but nostalgia for the ’90s is sure to trigger some memories for some. One person who is very excited is Kevin Smith, whose films were practically a staple for teenagers in that decade. When the actor/director’s name was checked with his movie “Clerks” in one of the episodes of the show, he couldn’t help but express his excitement on social media.

In the episode “The Show of the 90s” during a trip to the video store, Jay Kelso recommends Leah Foreman to hire clerks. Leia, who pretends to be familiar with the film, claims that she loves Kevin Smith and that he is “so sexy about it.” Smith seemed over the moon at being mentioned on the show and expressed his appreciation on Twitter. You can see his comments below:

It’s easy to see why a filmmaker and fan would be thrilled to see their work mentioned and treated as a cultural touchstone, but he shouldn’t be surprised. Clerks, along with such favorites as Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma, are considered classics of comedy of the 90s. Not only that, they are considered successful independent films that helped usher in the rise of indie films that arguably became more popular within a decade. (By the way, Kevin Smith was also the reason for the creation of “Clever Will Hunting”, and there is no more than the 90s in it.)

As in “The Show of the 90s,” Kevin Smith himself is experiencing nostalgia. In 2022, director Tusk made an amazing movie, Clerks III, and he brought back the eclectic atmosphere of the original film. He even brought Smith’s old friend Ben Affleck back to the View Askewniverse universe. It was a famous event for fans, and many probably hope that at some point they will collaborate again.

Just like the work of a native of New Jersey, “The Show of the 90s” can already become a classic. Not only will viewers see the reunion of their favorite actors of the “70s Show,” the series also pays homage to other shows of the decade, such as “Beverly Hills 90210.” of the famous sitcoms, the show may need a little time to find its own unique voice. One can only hope that he will do that and perhaps provide viewers with some other interesting cultural references if he gets another season.

You can watch the “90s Show” right now using a Netflix subscription. Those who want to relive the Kevin Smith craze from the decade can stream Clerks with a Paramount+ subscription. And if you have finished the spin-off and are already looking forward to what will happen next, check out the CinemaBlend TV program for 2023.


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