Kevin Smith’s New Movie theater Received a bomb threat, but the director has questions about it


Filmmaker Kevin Smith is a man who wears a lot of hats, and I don’t mean literally the ones on his head. Along with his extensive film and television work both on and off camera, which includes playing half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob with longtime friend Jason Muse (although another actor is almost done playing Jay), he is also a podcaster, comic book writer, comic book store owner and theater owner podcasts. Now we can also add the cinema owner to his list of conscientious people, as it was recently announced that Smith is buying The Atlantic Moviehouse in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. However, just a few days after the important news broke, a bomb threat was received at this cinema, but Smith has several questions about this.

Kevin Smith shared on Instagram that someone called Atlantic Moviehouse on Saturday and asked his manager if Smith was buying a theater. After receiving confirmation, this unknown person, who called from a phone number in California, said that if this purchase took place, there would be “bomb threats”. Police have since been informed, and although Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, is concerned that this poses a legitimate threat to the theater, which is being renamed SModcastle Cinemas, Smith looks at it from a different angle. As he put it:

*I* think this is a joke about how my films “blew up” cinemas. So… Should I giggle at the shadow or worry about the warning? Thoughts?

Kevin Smith is not one to shy away from self-deprecating humor about his work (especially those who have received cruel reviews about Yoga Hosers), so he thinks that this person is joking about the fact that some of his films have not performed very well. the cash register is held with his chip. Nevertheless, in this case, it is probably better to be safe and take this call seriously, even if he is just like a person who told about what happened, “some leaky kids.” We hope that this situation will be resolved soon, and people working in the cinema will not have to worry about their lives.

In his younger years, Kevin Smith often visited The Atlantic Moviehouse and together with business partners Ashley Digennaro, Jeff Swanton and Ernie O’Donnell (who also co-owns the SModcastle podcast theater) decided to buy a movie theater. The deal has not been finalized yet, but, in addition to changing the name of the theater, Smith has big plans for its use. The director said that he plans to hold live events, including podcast screenings and script readings, at what will be called SModcastle Cinemas, and he will live in an apartment above the cinema when he is in town. Smith also wrote the screenplay for the 1986 movie set in a movie theater, so naturally he intends to use this space for filming in the future.

Kevin Smith’s next film is the long—awaited “Clerks III,” the first trailer for which was released last month, and which will primarily be shown in the United States through Clerks III.: The Convenience Tour, and will also be shown on September 13 and 15 in cinemas through Fathom Events. . Smith will also take part in the show “Masters of the Universe: Revolution”, a continuation of the series “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”, which Smith also directed. You can also read his rant about the cancellation of the movie “Batgirl”, as well as our rating of Kevin Smith’s films.


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