Kevin Smith Reveals the Unexpected Reason why “Clerks 3” was Created


Kevin Smith reveals the unexpected reason why Lionsgate allowed him to film Clerks 3. The raw and low-budget comedy “Clerks” launched Smith as an indie phenomenon back in 1994. He later revised the characters from “Quick Stop” in the 2006 sequel “Clerks 2”.

Sixteen years after his last trip to the convenience store, Smith is ready to return to where it all began. Clerks III really sees the writer-director in a brooding mood as the sequel enters metaquino territory, following the original Clerks Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson) as they embark on a middle-aged project to make a film. about my own life. In Smith’s very typical autobiographical touch, nodding to his own life-changing heart attack, it’s a health scare for Randal that triggers his sudden desire to look back on his own life in film form.

Link: Everything We Know about Clerks III

Smith’s devoted fans, of course, are ready to follow him anywhere, even into the realm of autobiographical meta-narrative. Indeed, according to Smith, Clerks fans are the real reason Clerks III appeared at all. Appearing at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend to promote the sequel to “Clerks,” Smith revealed that fans’ willingness to shell out money for physical copies of his films convinced Lionsgate to give him the green light for another “Clerks” foray (via Slashfilm):

“Lionsgate still releases DVDs, Blu-ray and other shit. They were selling DVDs and Blu-ray with the movie “Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot”. And apparently they’ve sold enough to contact us and say, “We’ve sold so many fucking DVDs and Blu-ray’s that if you ever want to do more of this stuff about Jay and Silent Bob, as long as it’s below this price, damn it, try and shit. The only reason we have to do this is because you bought the equipment, kids. Thank you for that.”

Sales of physical media, of course, all the time make up a smaller and smaller share of the film market as everything moves to the streaming and video-on-demand model. But apparently there are still a lot of people among Smith’s fans who prefer to have physical copies of their favorite movies. And, of course, there is a strong argument in favor of forking out for physical media, despite how much space they take up and how much waste they create. Streaming services constantly pick up and skip movies without warning, as Netflix users know well. But buying a physical copy means the movie is always on the shelf, ready to watch, regardless of the unpredictable nature of streaming licensing and VOD availability.

In fact, it’s not surprising that Smith’s fans bought a lot of Blu-ray discs and DVDs with the movie “Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot”. After all, this fandom is incredibly loyal and is certainly more than willing to support Smith’s films with their money. There are also many Smith fans who collect various things, be it comics, toys or physical copies of their favorite movies. Whatever the reasons people bought up all those copies of Smith’s latest Jay and Silent Bob movie, the result is that the characters are back on another adventure with Dante and Randall in Clerks 3. The lesson for all fandoms should be that in order to get more of what they love, they should be willing to reach into their pocket and support the creators.


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