Kevin Smith on the cancellation of the movie “Batgirl”: “This is an incredibly bad look at the cancellation of the Latin movie about Batgirl”


Kevin Smith commented on the sudden and unexpected cancellation of Warner Bros. Discovery of the Batgirl movie, calling the decision “incredibly bad.”

Speaking about the latest episode of his TV series “Hollywood Chatter,” Smith condemned Warner Bros. Discovery for rejecting the movie “Batgirl” starring Leslie Grace. He recognized the talents of directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah when he struggled to find the reason why the $90 million film was taken out of production when it was already in the post-production stage.

“Canceling a movie about a Latin American Batgirl is incredibly bad,” Smith said. “I don’t care if the movie was full of fucking shit** — I guarantee you it’s not. The two directors who made this movie did a couple episodes of Miss Marvel, and it was a great fucking show, and they had more money to make Batgirl than they did for a series of Miss Marvel and all that.”

El-Arbi and Fallah have been inundated with messages since the cancellation of Batgirl, and several directors have reached out to share their support. El Arbi publicly thanked Marvel CEO Kevin Feige and directors James Gunn and Edgar Wright for their kind words, which contrasted sharply with the comments of the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery by David Zaslav, who suggested that Batgirl is not up to par.

“We are not going to release any film until it is ready,” he said in a statement. “We are not going to release a film to make a quarter, we are not going to release a film — the focus will be on how we make each of these films, in general, as best as possible. But DC is something we think we could do better, and we’re focused on that right now.”

All DC movies and series affected by the Warner Bros. merger Discovery

Since then, Warner Bros. Discovery has announced a new 10-year plan for DC movies that will be similar to what Disney and Kevin Feige did for Marvel, but the “reboot” didn’t go well, even for those inside the company. , sparking wild rumors about the company’s intentions regarding HBO Max and beyond, with reports that Supergirl may also have problems.

DC Films president Walter Hamada was reportedly on the verge of leaving due to the high-profile cancellation of “Batgirl,” but agreed to stay in the studio at least until the release of “Black Adam” on October 21. This film will open a “new era” of the DC universe — one in which the Justice Society of America is represented by Atom Smasher, Hawk Man, Cyclone and Dr. Faith.

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