Kevin Smith criticizes Warner Bros. for the cancellation of Batgirl


Director Kevin Smith addresses the cancellation of Leslie Grace’s “Batgirl” with an honest criticism of the Warner Bros. decision. cancel the movie. The director has worked on a number of DC Comics projects, including comic book stories, video games, television, and animation projects. Grace, Michael Keaton, Brendan Fraser, J. K. Simmons and Ivory Aquino were to play in “Batgirl”.

Originally announced in 2017, Adil El Arbi and Bilal Falah in Batgirl were supposed to see Grace take on the role of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Simmons Gordon. Batgirl Grace would team up with Keaton’s Batman and fight pyromaniac villain Brendan Fraser the Firefly, but in a shocked announcement, the film was abruptly canceled in August 2022, and parent company Warner Bros. Discovery has stated that the film will not be released in any form. . While Batgirl directors El Arbi and Fala shared their own responses along with Grace after the news broke, another director with a history of working with DC Comics shared his own honest opinion about the situation.

Link: Why did Warner Bros. Cancel the DC movie about Batgirl

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Kevin Smith stated that the cancellation of the Warner Bros. movie about Batgirl Grace was a bad decision, regardless of the intended quality of the film. The writer and director then addressed suggestions that the cancellation was due to the film looking cheap, stating that viewers would still have watched the film even if it looked only slightly better than the CW/DC project. After his harsh and honest criticism, Smith suggested that other factors should be at work. Read his comments below:

“The cancellation of the Latin American Batgirl movie looks incredibly bad. I don’t care if the movie was an absolute fucking dog, and I guarantee you it’s not. The directors who made this movie did a couple episodes of Miss Marvel, and it was a damn great show, you know. Marvel and stuff…

“And also — I love all the CW shows, and the CW shows demonstrate their budget constraints, and the big complaint they said here was, ‘Oh, it’s not big enough to be a fucking theatrical release, so… It looked too cheap because it was a $90 million movie.” How to make a cheap movie for $ 90 million? But if it looked any better than the fucking Arrow episode, why couldn’t we watch it? Just, “We’re going to save $20 million,” like, “I don’t know, man.”

While Smith is cautious and makes reasonable arguments against the excuses of Warner Bros. For the cancellation of Batgirl, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery defended the cancellation of Batgirl during the company’s second-quarter earnings announcement, sharing further insight into the decision. During the conversation, the current CEO David Zaslav said that the studio did not believe the film and potentially could not earn a quarter of its value. In addition, the CEO also stated that DC’s current goal is to “grow” and “protect the DC brand.”

Both DC fans and industry representatives like Smith reacted to Warner Bros.’ shocking decision, sparking a heated discussion. As other DC projects have faced their own challenges, Smith’s wariness about canceling “Batgirl” because of them is an opinion shared by many. In addition, it is reported that the evaluation of the test screening of the film was comparable to “Black Adam”, whose release is still confirmed, which casts doubt on claims that the quality of the film ultimately led to its cancellation. Although Warner Bros. is likely to remain silent, questions and controversies about the fate of Batgirl will continue to arise.


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