Kevin Smith believes that “Batgirl” may lead to the fact that “Flash” will also be closed


Director and pop culture commentator Kevin Smith believes that the recent cancellation of “Batgirl” may also lead to the rejection of the movie “Flash”. DC fans were stunned when it was announced that Warner Bros. Discovery is postponing the Batgirl movie scheduled for release on HBO Max, despite the fact that the movie was almost ready. Created by the directing duo of Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah (Miss Marvel, “Bad Guys for Life”) and assigned to Leslie Grace in the title role as the main character until her untimely death, the film reportedly cost the studio $90 million, but it is estimated that its cancellation will allow the studio to reduce taxes for 15-20 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the movie “Flash”, which stars Ezra Miller, has become the subject of much speculation after the cancellation of “Batgirl”. While the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav expressed his enthusiasm for the film, and producer Barbara Muscetti also took to social media to assure fans that “everything was fine in the land of the Flash,” the disturbing behavior of its main actor still causes many to question the viability of the film. As Miller was arrested several times for assault and disorderly conduct, as well as accused of grooming himself, the prospects of promoting the film before its release became increasingly difficult.

Most recently, Smith, who survived the cancellation of one of his own projects after recent cuts by Warner Bros. Discovery for HBO Max, talked about what, in his opinion, the consequences of the cancellation of “Batgirl” will be for “Flash”. Speaking during the latest episode of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Smith suggested that the cancellation of Batgirl could be an attempt to “test the waters” before deciding on the future of The Flash. Check out his comments below:

I wouldn’t be surprised, I know they said something like “Flash is safe”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they probe the ground and say: “Let’s just see what they say if we fucking cancel the Bat Girl. And if things don’t go so bad, maybe we’ll just give up Flash.” Because it’s problematic, how are they going to promote this film without the lead actor going on tour, dealing with the press and so on?

With a budget more than twice that of “Batgirl,” the decision to cancel “The Flash” definitely wouldn’t be what Warner Bros. Discovery will take it lightly. Despite the many problems caused by Miller’s off-screen antics, the film still represents a major investment both financially and in the fragile future of the promising DCEU franchise. Since “The Flash” was also supposed to be Michael Keaton’s triumphant return to the role of Batman, the cancellation of the film would also probably mean the end of Keaton’s long-awaited homecoming in DC.

With “The Flash” still slated for June 2023, DC fans will no doubt be watching closely for any hint that Warner Bros. will postpone the project. Despite Zaslav’s claims that the studio has grandiose plans for the future of DC, most would agree that the current state of affairs puts the franchise in front of a number of serious obstacles that need to be overcome. Let’s hope that the future of “Flash” and all subsequent DC films will not suffer the same sad fate as Batgirl, and the studio will find a way to solve its problems with its wayward star.


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