Kevin McKidd wants Owen to end up with Teddy!


Grey’s Anatomy actor Kevin McKidd confesses and shocks fans! He wants Owen to end up with Teddy, despite his cheating!

Shock on the web for fans of the series Grey’s Anatomy! The cult actor of the series, Kevin McKidd, confides in us and wants Owen to end up with Teddy!

But what does the prod hold for the two surgeons?

Followed by millions of fans every week, the Grey’s Anatomy series continues to create a buzz! And for good reason … Viewers are totally addicted to the characters and their stories!

But these are not the only ones! Indeed, after years of being immersed in their roles, the actors are attached to their character! Kevin McKidd aka Owen Hunt is therefore no exception to the rule!

Thirteen years after his arrival in the series Grey’s Anatomy, the actor confides in the love of Owen Hunt! Shock! And yes, since his arrival at the Gray Sloan Memorial, the doctor has lived through it!

After his drama marriage to Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh), he gets closer to Amelia Shepherd in season 11! He even goes so far as to start a family with her and together they adopt Leo!

Unfortunately or fortunately for him, Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) is still around! From best friend status to sex friend before becoming his fiancée and then his ex, their story is not at all simple!

However, in an interview with LCI, Kevin McKidd admits that he wants his character to find happiness in the arms of Teddy Altman! Shock!

Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy) wishes Owen would end up with Teddy!


New buzz for the Grey’s Anatomy series! A few days ago, actor Kevin McKidd spoke to LCI magazine about Owen Hunt!

“All of the characters on the show have gone through very trying times but I think Owen just got a little bit unlucky in love. And I don’t know how it’s gonna end. I don’t know if Owen is going to end up with Teddy. Personally, I hope so, because they’ve been through so much together and are so connected. »He explains to our colleagues.

“I feel like the last few seasons have been kind of karma that taught him a lot of lessons. I think he finally takes responsibility for all his mistakes and evolves as a man. He is entering a chapter in his life in which he deserves the universe to offer him something close to happiness. But it may take a while. »He continues before concluding:

“Owen and Teddy have been through so much together and are so connected! ” And for good reason…

Unfortunately for the actor, he will have to wait a little longer before he finds happiness in love! To be continued in the next episodes of Grey’s Anatomy so …


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