Kevin McKidd supports Joe Biden on Instagram!


Kevin McKidd, actor of Grey’s Anatomy supports Joe Biden on Instagram. The investiture is today for his greatest happiness.

Gray’s Anatomy actor Kevin McKidd lends his support to Joe Biden on Instagram. Because today is a great day, the President of the United States is leaving for another to come. And the artists are all very happy to see Trump go.

So it is also the case of the actor who posts a very beautiful photo in story. These are Joe Biden and his wife accompanied by Kamala Harris, his vice-president and her husband. The two couples were in Washington, facing the famous obelisk.

They therefore gathered in tribute to the victims of covid-19. As we recall, the bar of 400,000 deaths was recently crossed in the United States. A real massacre. The vice president announced that they would “heal together”.

Kevin McKidd therefore takes this moment to share the post of the singer Pink. She writes “tomorrow is another day” in the caption of her Instagram post. It must be said that many artists were eager to see Donald Trump go.


But the big moment has just happened. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have just been sworn in. The politician is therefore officially President of the United States. And Donald Trump did not want to meet him. He would have just left her a letter.

In any case, as the post shared by Kevin McKidd says, it’s a new day for America. And many have high hopes for this new president. Whether to resolve the health crisis but also other social problems. The problems have been piling up for a while.

Kevin McKidd is not the only one supporting Joe Biden. It must be said that from the start of his presidency, the President wanted to return to the Paris Agreement but also to WHO. Wise decisions that will bring relief to many people in the United States. Case to be continued.


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