Kevin Jonas Has To Do Something About ABC’s Claim to Fame, which He Hasn’t Done Since Camp Rock 2

When we mention the Jonas brothers and what they did, one might ask, “Which brothers?” and also “What projects do you have in mind?” In addition to their natural careers as songwriters and musicians, the very famous Jonas family has expanded into television, movies, reality shows and more as their popularity has grown, and with concert plans in the mix and gossip headlines surrounding their personal lives, there is always something “Jonas” for pop culture to comment on. This includes Claim to Fame, a new game show on ABC in which Kevin Jonas teams up with his younger brother Frankie. And, as CinemaBlend discovered, their team for this new game show is the first time they’ve collaborated on ANY project since the 2010 musical comedy Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.
This is what Kevin Jonas explained to us during press day for Claim to Fame, the new ABC game show that airs Mondays at 22:00. In a moment we will look at all the subtleties of the program and its competitors, but when Kevin explained the concept of the show and his collaboration with Frankie, he put it in context by explaining:
We all have a special place in our hearts… it’s so funny, me, Joe and Nick have all been hosting or doing shows for the last couple of months. Which all came together at the same time. Which never happens in our schedule. But now we’re working on things together again, doing shows and stuff like that. But as for me and Frankie, we haven’t really worked together for about 13 or 14 years. Now back to Camp Rock 2. But it was really nice to work together. The opportunity to spend a little more time together, which we don’t always get with my work and returning home to my family, leads us in different directions. And, of course, Frankie has so many things that he does himself. And so it was very nice to spend this dedicated time together.
The show Kevin Jonas talked about is “This Old House Is Making” with Nick Jonas, as well as Joe Jonas’ participation in “Righteous Gems” with Danny McBride, or even “Becoming a Pop Star”. The bottom line is that regardless of the environment, the Jonas Brothers remain engaged in it. And they get the maximum pleasure from working together. Joe has openly spoken about how upset he was when the Jonas Brothers music group temporarily disbanded in 2013. And Frankie appreciates that he is properly given credit for his contribution to the family’s fandom, despite the fact that he was once known as Bonus Jonas (a nickname that Joe Jonas eventually apologized for).
The family is the link for the game show Claim to Fame, so Kevin and Frankie Jonas co-host the competition. Each participant of this initial season has a family connection with a famous person. It could be their aunt, their uncle, their cousin… someone on the family tree has done something important. Participants must play games to try to guess the true identity of each and reveal their claims to fame.
Do you want to play along? The show joins a number of recently returned ABC programs, including the latest season of The Bachelorette and Michael Strahan’s concert at The $100,000 Pyramid along with several of his favorite returning celebrities. It’s a good time to love game shows because ABC has your back.