Kevin Harvick Unhappy with result: NASCAR World Reacts


NASCAR veteran Kevin Harvick called Sunday night’s result a “disaster.”

Harvick dropped out of the race on Sunday night – literally – because of problems with the car.

“There is no reason. We didn’t touch the wall. We didn’t touch the car,” explained a frustrated Harvick.

The NASCAR veteran gave an interview to Fox Sports after the race.

It’s hard to blame him for feeling that way.

“Given the heavy impacts and fires, it looks like they haven’t studied safety enough. Even Ryan Newman said they weren’t safe. This SERIOUSLY needs to be studied RIGHT NOW, in the offseason and until the moment when they figure it out,” one fan wrote.

“Damn Ford parts! one fan added.

“Guys, you need to fix this car. Your drivers will start retiring!!! Look at Danny Hamlin. Look at Kurt Busch. This car is unsafe!!!” one fan added.

It was also a scary scene.

Figure it out, NASCAR.


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