Kevin Hart may have trolled Dwayne Johnson over his mom, but his impression of rock music was so priceless that the actor even shared it


Kevin Hart and Rock have a history with each other dating back almost a decade. First they teamed up in “Central Intelligence”, then the films “Jumanji” and “Fast and Furious: Gifts: Hobbs and Shaw” followed. This comedy duo also has a long history of toasting each other in a good mood. Kevin Hart may have recently trolled Dwayne Johnson because of his mom, but there are no hard feelings, as Rock felt that Hart’s impression of the action star’s training sessions was so priceless that he even shared it.

Dwayne Johnson shared a video on Instagram in which he and Kevin Hart were asked: “According to Google, which song does Dwayne like to train the most?” Hart replied: “These are people in the rain”, showing the laughing partner in the film “Jumanji” his impression of how he trains with a tense face. We cannot say that this is an inaccurate impression, since the video shows examples of how the Rock shows the same face while lifting weights. In Johnson’s caption, he wrote: “Oh, now I’m the only dude who thinks It’s Raining Men is a great workout song! @kevinhart4real you’re an asshole, but it was very funny. My brother Kev makes my ugly face in training — the game is over.”

Before that, there was a previous trolling banter, when in an interview with Extra it turned out that Rock had bought a house for his mother. While the “Wedding Call” star was touched by his colleague’s generous gift to his mom, he couldn’t help but toast the decision, noting that Johnson was waiting “a billion dollars later” to buy his mom a house, and that “it’s about fucking time. Laughing at Hart’s digs, Rock had to give some clarification that this house he got for his mom was one of several houses he bought for her over the years after his parents’ divorce. But, of course, his colleague in the film “Central Intelligence” was still joking in response, saying: “Open your eyes, Mom!”

Fortunately, these two can joke with each other without destroying their friendship. In the past, it was actually the former wrestler who posed as Kevin Hart first when he gave the impression that Hart was making fun of his budding co-star’s trademark arched eyebrow. Rock’s impression of the Pennsylvania native’s speech model was accurate! There was also another time when the San Andreas star continued his jokes on the set of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, when he threw a fake spider at his terrified colleague. But the “Fatherhood” actor also cast a cheerful shadow on Dwayne Johnson, sharing a hysterical video about how he trolled him. Given the amount of clowning around these two, it’s no surprise that Hart and Johnson have this promising chemistry in every movie they star in.

The next film starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson is DC League of Super—Pets, where Johnson will voice the Labrador retriever Superman, and Hart will voice the boxer dog Batman. In this animated superhero comedy, a group of pets with superpowers must rescue their owners from the Justice League kidnapped by Lex Luthor. Since Jumanji 4 is coming to us pretty soon, we may get another possible opportunity to reunite with this popular action comedy duo.

Despite all the roasting that Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are taking part in, they continue to work together because they are “best friends!” Thanks to the wonderful relationship they have with each other on and off screen, they must continue for the benefit of the audience and themselves. You can hear them voicing their super-powered animated characters in the upcoming 2022 release of DC League of Super-Pets, which will be released in theaters on July 29, and later this year you can subscribe to HBO Max.