Kevin Hart and birthday photos include fresh outfits, Russell Westbrook and more


There is nothing better than celebrating a birthday with your loved ones. With a loving spouse, good friends and fun, what else can you need? It seems that this is exactly the atmosphere Kevin Hart felt on his 43rd birthday, when he shared a picture from a significant event, which showed fresh outfits, Russell Westbrook and much more.

Kevin Hart shared a lot of photos of himself and his loved ones from his 43rd birthday celebration. In his Instagram post, the actor demonstrates some bizarre images, in particular, an alluring golden ensemble. His wife, Eniko Hart, also looked stunning, posing next to him in a blue mini dress. In addition, the Jumanji star can be seen posing with Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves while sipping some Gran Coramino Hart brand tequila).

In his signature, the actor noted the fun time he and his guests had, and also thanked his family and friends for a wonderful party. You have to appreciate a star who likes to have a good time, as well as the people around him.

Kevin Hart doesn’t really look over 20 years old. This is not so surprising considering that Hart has been training since he turned 40. Although he admitted that his body could wear out, that didn’t stop him from getting into the gym at 5 a.m. to walk on the treadmill or use the ladder master. He does quite a lot, but he’s still not eager to train with fellow Hollywood gym rats Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, as competing with them could potentially damage his body.

Recently, the actor and his wife have been spending time in Italy, where he is filming his new Netflix movie “Elevator.” In this action movie, Hart will play a brave thief who is persuaded by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to commit an impossible robbery together with his international team. In addition to starring in it, he will also produce under his new label HartBeat. This big step in Kevin Hart’s media career ensures that fans will get more movies and TV shows from him for years to come.

On that note, this comedian has a lot of projects you can count on. At the moment, you can watch the movie “The Man from Toronto”, which is available for streaming on a Netflix subscription (and the main character and partner in the film Woody Harrelson had to apologize for mispronouncing the name of the film “Canadian Province”). You can also look forward to his voice in DC League of Super-Pets alongside Dwayne Johnson. In addition, there is his new comedy film “Time for Me” starring Mark Wahlberg, which tells about a father who meets an old friend to spend a stormy weekend.

No matter how old Kevin Hart is, we can expect him to stay around to entertain us with some Hart laughs. Here are many more birthdays for the star!