Kevin Feige Says The MCU Avengers Contest Could Happen in Reality


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hints that Avengers Con, the Marvel cinematic universe fan event that debuted in “Miss Marvel,” could happen in real life. In the 14 years since the MCU began in 2008 with “Iron Man,” Feigi has been at the forefront of the world’s largest film franchise. “The Avengers” became a real starting point for another decade of storytelling in 2012, when Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye first gathered. This has led Marvel Studios to increase the release of several films a year, and now they have three or four films a year. The decade of films ended with the movie “Avengers: Finale” in 2019, which for a time became the highest-grossing film of all time.

In many ways, the MCU has become the biggest event in Hollywood in recent times. The incredible popularity of films (and now Disney+ shows), the relationship between stories and characters, as well as the endless release of content contributed to the fact that the MCU earned more than $ 26 billion at the box office. They even forced Sony to share Spider-Man and forced any other Hollywood studio to chase a model of the shared universe, usually with disappointing results. One of the main reasons that the MCU continues to be successful is the diehard and widespread fan base that repeatedly shows up for the latest issues or gathers in Hall H at Comic—Con in San Diego to find out what’s next.

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Now it seems that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are starting to seriously consider creating their own agreement. As part of the Miss Marvel virtual press conference before its release for Disney+, Screen Rant and other media outlets were able to talk to Feigi and those associated with the show. Screen Rant’s Ash Crossan asked the MCU boss if the Marvel convention could take place a day after Ms. Marvel invited Kamala Khan to attend Avengers Con, and Kevin Feige admitted that it could happen in real life now.

Kevin Feige just said that #AvengerCon could become a reality!!!! #MissMarvel

— Ash Crossan @ HOME (@AshCrossan) June 3, 2022

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An MCU-only fan event is something that many have been asking Marvel for quite some time. This is partly due to Marvel Studios’ entertainment when they attend SDCC, D23, or any other convention. The introduction of Avengers Con MCU in “Miss Marvel” comes just after Marvel Studios watched Lucasfilm dominate the headlines for several days thanks to the “Star Wars” celebration. Just as Star Wars fans from all over the world gather in different places every year to celebrate the best of a galaxy far, far away, there is no doubt that the Avengers Conference will also become a huge attraction and place for MCU fans. Find out more about Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios team’s plans for Phases 4 and beyond.

There are no official Avengers Con plans at the moment, but Feiga’s public interest in bringing it to life is a great sign that it could happen. However, the biggest hurdle for Marvel Studios may just be finding the time to do it and making sure it meets the expectations of fans. After all the big discoveries they made at past events, one would expect that creators and stars from future films and shows would appear, exclusive footage would be shown, and much more. Marvel Studios never wants to disappoint, which is why they’ve missed the cons in the past, but with so much content, Avengers Con could be a staple of the MCU for years to come if it becomes a reality.