Kevin Durant unhappy with NBA2K rating: Fan reaction


While 2K Sports begins rolling out its consistently popular NBA 2K 23 basketball simulator, Nets superstar Kevin Durant is unhappy with his virtual ranking.

In a tweet to digital marketing director Ronnie Singh, KD said he needed answers to these 96 in general:

“Yes, Ronnie 2K, I need an explanation, why am I not 99th?” asked Durand. “It’s become ridiculous.”

Fans reacted to KD’s post on Tuesday.

“You were injured and the Celtics beat you,” one user replied.

“They took 3 points off you for being a diva and a cancer of the team,” commented a fan from Philadelphia.

“I’m petitioning that we remove MJ from the cover and replace the real 99 with you,” Singh replied.

“The 99s won the playoff game,” another said.

“K.D. doesn’t miss anything,” laughed D’courtland Christian.

How do you feel about this 96 in general?


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