Kevin Costner’s massive Western starred in “Very Strange Things” and More


When Kevin Costner made his directorial debut in the 1990s film Dancing with Wolves, the actor won the Academy Awards for Best Film and Best Director. That legacy continues to follow Costner, but it’s been almost 20 years since he was behind the camera. That’s about to change thanks to his planned movie “Horizon,” which has just received some exciting casting news, including the star of the TV series “Very Strange Things.”

Jamie Campbell Bower, who has played the most formidable enemy of the “Eleven” to date, Vecna, also known as Henry Creel/One, will be part of the upcoming Kevin Costner western along with Costner himself and two other exciting additions. Deadline reports that Sam Worthington from Avatar and Sienna Miller from American Sniper have also signed up for the project.

Bauer first confirmed his participation in Kevin Costner’s film earlier this month on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which he called a “Western saga,” and said that he would most likely travel to Utah in October to start filming. As Costner previously reported, he plans to make four films based on his western concept, with the first film to be shot this fall, and the rest will be shot sequentially starting in April 2023.

Costner’s film Horizon is an ambitious Western story, told over 15 years and telling about the expansion of America to the West. The triple threat teased that it would address the treatment of the indigenous peoples of the United States before they become the country they are, in an “honest and open way,” according to Costner.

Since Horizon was announced earlier this year, it is said to have been Costner’s long-standing passion project. The actor is not only directing, starring and co-writing the script with John Baird from Filth, but will also produce and finance the project. It’s nice to see that Jamie Campbell Bower, who proved himself capable of great things in an undoubtedly large and uncomfortable suit and with prosthetics in the role of Vecna in the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” (now it is broadcast by subscription on Netflix), becomes part of the vision of Costner Western. .

Bauer is a British actor whose past credits include Sweeney Todd, the Twilight films and for a long time he voiced the character of Skiff in Thomas and His Friends. With his villainous role as Vecna, who had several major murders in the last season of “Very Strange Things,” it seems that he is gaining more and more credibility in Hollywood, especially as one of the stars of “Horizon.”

His partners are also not new in high-profile films: Sam Worthington is also going to reprise his Avatar role in James Cameron’s “The Way of Water” this December, and Sienna Miller has previously starred in many critically acclaimed films such as “Foxcatcher” and “Layer Cake”. It’s unclear at this point if Horizon movies will be made for movie theaters or a streaming service, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.


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