Kevin Bacon Refused An Honest Answer After Fans’ Calls for Tremors 3


Citizen Kane, there may be no Tremor, and it may not become one of the greatest horror films, but the plot about the creatures of the 90s is undoubtedly one of the funniest.
the genre picture of the decade, as well as one of the best films of Kevin Bacon. (I’m going to die on this hill, no matter how many giant worms are digging down below.) The film is a cult classic, and fans are still clamoring for a sequel on the big screen that officially brings back Bacon as a lovable repairman. Val McKee. The Footloose actor has just revealed whether a new Tremors movie could be released in theaters, and it’s an answer that has fans very excited.

Following the latest Shazam trailer! A fan of Fury of the Gods posted a screenshot of a monster eerily similar to a graboid bursting out of the ground, noting Kevin Bacon in a request to “watch a new movie about Tremor,” which does not apply to the live broadcast. – DVD hell. The veteran of “Friday the 13th” shared his positive feedback, implying that this could happen if and when the story comes together. You can read the exchange on Twitter below:

“The Tremor of the Earth” was released in theaters in 1990 after some initial delays, and although it was technically a success, grossing over $16 million domestically on a budget of $10 million, it was far below expectations at the time. (And that was before director Ron Underwood’s much larger follow-up project, 1991’s Urban Dudes.) However, upon release, it was well received by critics, and at the time reviews praised its diverse cast and well-thought-out balance between fear and laughter. . The famous film critic Roger Ebert singled out Kevin Bacon, as well as the team of Reba McEntire and Michael Gross as the Gammers in his positive review of the film, saying that he was “embarrassed by how much I liked the film.”

Its sequel, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, was released straight to video six years later, with only Fred Ward and Michael Gross returning from the original line-up. This film was followed by five more (!) low-budget sequels, a 2003 TV series starring the future protagonist of Breaking Bad, Dean Norris, and a second planned series that was never launched in the 2010s. To date, the only one of those projects that Bacon had anything to do with was the 2017 TV series, and it did not go beyond the pilot stage.

Kevin Bacon refused to participate in the first sequel due to the fact that the film is intended for live video streaming, as well as due to his participation in the critically acclaimed drama “Apollo 13”. as evidenced by his participation in a potential Syfy series. Even though that didn’t happen, the Mysterious River actor must still have the same love for his time in the mannered monster movie as the fans if he’s still really entertained by a potential return to the franchise if there’s ever another project.

While the prospect of a new “Trembling Earth” movie starring Kevin Bacon sounds incredible to fans like Yours truly, it’s definitely sad that we’ll never see a proper reunion between the main characters of the first film, Val and Earl. Fred Ward, unfortunately, passed away in 2022, and TMZ reported that his family refused to give a cause of death.

Kevin Bacon may be ready for another battle with giant prehistoric worms on the movie screen, but Universal Pictures will have to make a decision about bringing the franchise back to theaters. So, we hope that Bacon’s comments will silence the leadership.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated with any news about future Tremors films. In the meantime, check out our list of upcoming horror movies to plan your next shiver-inducing time at the cinema, and you can watch the first movie for free (along with a host of other great movies) on Tubi.


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