Kevin Bacon is the owner of the creepy conversion camp in the trailer for “They/They”


In the new trailer of the movie “They/They” Kevin Bacon plays the creepy owner of a conversion camp. They/They are an upcoming horror film produced by Blumhouse Productions. In recent years, Blumhouse has released mostly popular horror films, including Away, Freaky, and the 2020 remake of The Invisible Man. Their upcoming work also includes The Black Phone under the direction of Ethan Hawke.

Now Peacock has released a creepy teaser trailer for the movie “They/They”, which reveals Bacon’s creepy character, Owen Whistler, the owner of the LGBTQIA+ conversion camp “Whistler Camp”. While the trailer begins with Owen Whistler telling vacationers, “This is a safe place,” the clock-like background music and ominous diagonal split-screen effects suggest otherwise. The final moments of the trailer show a masked killer threatening the camp.

They/Them features a variety of characters playing campers and Whistler camp staff, including Anna Klamsky, Theo Germain, Carrie Preston. Kay Tann, Austin Root, Monique Kim, Anna Lohr, Cooper Koch and Darwin del Fabro. The film is the directorial debut of John Logan. Previously, Logan worked as a screenwriter for famous films, including “Hugo”, “Rango” and “Skyfall”.

Blumhouse has a fantastic track record of creating new creative horror works since its founding in 2000 by Jason Blum. Although the trailer for “They/They” only gives an idea of what will happen with the latest work of the studio, it shows great prospects in creating innovative horror against the background of the already terrifying LGBTQIA+ conversion camp. They/They will be released on Peacock on August 5, 2022.