Kesha premieres song inspired by Nicolas Cage


Kesha has surprised her followers with a new song, although her central theme would not be something completely typical.

Through her Twitter account, the singer has released this mini clip in tribute to Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage, whose lyrics and images refer to the most iconic characters in the actor’s career.

“I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas, request my presence here’s the number of my agent” (I am on vacation, leaving Las Vegas, you require my presence here is my agent number)

“Bitch, i’m a National Treasure, i make it rain in the desert, i drop n octopus, i got a pyramid, You think i’m extra? I’m on some Nicolas Cage shit? ” (P * rr *, I am a national treasure, I make it rain in the desert, I have an octopus, I have a pyramid, do you think I’m an extra? I’m in Nicolas Cage’s stuff!

In the video, which is adorned with images from movies starring Cage, the actor’s voice can be heard saying “Good call, babydoll!”, A phrase spoken by his character in the movie “Kick-Ass”.

It seems that isolation is bringing out the strangest side of celebrity creativity, for example, Seth McFarlane premiering on Instagram a podcast starring “Family Guy” characters.


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