Kesha: “I would give a part of my body to collaborate with Beyonce”


Kesha is a declared fan of Beyonce. The possibility of collaborating with Queen B is a dream, but she hopes it will come true. She talked about this in an interview with makeup artist James Charles. This was a way for Kesha to promote her new line of makeup.

Asked about the dream collaboration, she blurted out, “I would give a part of my body to collaborate with Beyonce,” she said, “Maybe one day!” She added hopefully.

Recently, Kesha recalled the moment she met Beyoncé and received advice. “I’ve always been a fan since Destiny’s Child times,” she says. “The meeting took place behind the scenes of the festival and she was like an angel. She said, ‘As soon as you know they are snakes, poison them.’ So I just tried to listen to that advice, ”he recalled.

“Sometimes it took me a while to realize who was around me for the right reasons or not,” she continues. “But I think I can safely say that from now on I am surrounded by really good people. It may have taken a few years, but her advice was well received. And that would be my advice to anyone in the music business, ”he added.


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