Kep1er reveals his fandom name and official colors, what are they like?


Kep1er finally debuted and the idols are causing a great impact with their title track ‘WA DA DA’, but also, they have already revealed the official name of their fanbase and the official colors that will represent them.

After the long wait, Kep1er finally debuted and their idols are already delighting millions of fans who can’t stop listening to the new songs of this girl group; Many fans followed the members from before their debut.

Well, it should be remembered that Kep1er was formed on the Mnet program, Girls Planet 999, where the contestants gave their all to show that they were ready to shine with new music and completely take over the stages.

Despite some health problems for the members of Kep1er and their debut had to be delayed, the idols have managed to quickly return to the beginning of their careers and shine like no one else in their debut show and with the MV of ‘WA DA. DA ‘, their title track from’ First Impact ‘.

But also, Kep1er has already revealed his official colors and the name of his fandom, what are they? The fans of this female K-Pop group can already identify themselves perfectly.


Through the official Kep1er Twitter account, the K-Pop group has announced the official name of its fandom, this is ‘Kep1ian’, they are the ones who support the girl group and perhaps it can be taken as the name of the inhabitants of the original planet of this group.

Now you can identify yourself as Keplian if you are a fan of Kep1er and promise to support the idols at all times, from the beginning to the end.


The official colors of Kep1er are lavender, white and yellow in combinations of lavender and white and lavender and yellow, this was also announced through their verified Twitter account.

Kep1er’s official colors are beautiful, Kep1ian will already be using them to proudly wear his favorite K-Pop group.