Kentucky Student Sofia Rosing Arrested For Viral TikTok Showing Violence and Racial Slurs


The University of Kentucky has condemned the actions of its student Sofia Rosing after she went viral on TikTok for assaulting a student clerk and using racial slurs in a dorm.

Rosing was arrested at a university campus in the UK by local police after physically and verbally assaulting student secretary Kayla Spring.

The video of the incident quickly spread across social networks, which caused the reaction of the institution’s management.

Sofia Rosing Arrested after Assault Video Went Viral on TikTok

In an online statement, University of Kentucky President Eli Kapilouto said: “Early this morning, an incident involving violence against our students, racist insults and offensive expressions occurred in one of our dormitories. One of the victims was a student employee who worked the night shift at the front desk.

“To be clear: we condemn such behavior and will not tolerate it under any circumstances. The safety and well-being of our community has been and will remain our top priority.”

The university also tweeted additional statements saying that Student Success teams will offer support to victims affected by such behavior.


As can be seen from the frame published by the senior editor of the first page of the Huff Post, Philip Lewis, the student was swinging at a colleague who, despite the collision, maintained professional manners.

WKYT also reported that Rosing’s LinkedIn page shows that she worked as an on-campus influencer in the College Fashionista program and their parent company Her Campus Media.

After the arrest, they immediately broke off relations with Sofia. The statement reads: “Today we learned about a video in which a Fashionista college member physically and verbally assaults two black women. At Her Campus Media and College Fashionista, we strongly condemn this disgusting behavior and do not condone racism or hatred in any form. We unreservedly support the BIPOC communities and affirm that black lives matter. Full stop.

“Immediately after receiving information about the incident, we removed the participant from our community and terminated his participation in any of our programs.”

She faces several charges, including intoxication in a public place, hooliganism, assault of the 4th degree and assault of the 3rd degree (on a police officer). Her bail was set at $10,000.


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