Kentucky Athletic Director Responds to John Calipari and Mark Stoops Feud


Kentucky head football coach Mark Stoops seems to have objected to John Calipari’s recent remarks as the Wildcats basketball coach lobbied for new facilities, but British AD Mitch Barnhart thinks it’s a lot of ado about nothing.

According to Wildcats reporter Nick Rusch, Barnhart blames the media and “the world we live in” for the alleged feud between Calipari and Stoops. Speaking: “You want to create stories, and it becomes a fact.”

The whole situation arose when Calipari insisted on upgrading the equipment for the basketball program, citing its importance to the university:

And the reason is that this is a basketball school. It has always been so. Alabama is a football school. So is Georgia. I mean, they are. No disrespect to our football team. I hope they win 10 games and go bowling. In the end, it makes my job easier and makes it easier for all of us. But this is a basketball school. And so we need to keep moving in that direction and keep doing what we’re doing.

After that, Stoops responded on Twitter, and then spoke in detail at a Saturday press conference.

“I don’t care about anyone’s program, I stay in my lane,” Stoops explained. “But when you start talking about mine and the people I’m competing with, I’m going to defend my players… don’t humiliate or distract from what we’ve done to get to this point.”

Adding that “some can, but this program didn’t wake up at third base.”


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