Kenny Omega’s return to AEW is Impossible


It is reported that Kenny Omega will be back in the ring for AEW soon, and the company has an impossible choice to start his comeback. The cleaner has not participated in wrestling since he lost to Hangman Adam Page on Full Gear on November 13 last year. He was dealing with numerous injuries and problems and decided to take a vacation to undergo the necessary surgeries and rehabilitation.

Omega has since spoken about how tedious the process was, going so far as to state that if he ever got seriously injured again, he would give up the fight. This process has been so difficult for the 38-year-old former AEW world champion. Fans were looking forward to his return, and many hoped that it would happen in the “Forbidden Door”, but Omega was not ready yet. Now it looks like Omega may well participate in the All Out build on September 4th.

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No matter what Jim Cornett says, AEW gets better when Omega is healthy and struggling. And Tony Khan faces an unenviable choice: when and how to re-debut Best Bout Machine. In particular, the previous aspect of the return presents a difficult task for booking. Do I need to advertise Omega’s first TV appearance in nine months to boost Wednesday Night Dynamite ratings? Or should his music appear seemingly out of nowhere and ignite IWC with excitement? Khan loves good pop music — and who doesn’t? — but the return of Omega is one of the few returns that can really change the AEW indicators.

When and why should Kenny Omega return to AEW?

The second aspect of Omega’s return is also important. When the Young Bucks gave up the team titles instead of holding a mega-rematch with FTR, it was reportedly because AEW had a lot of interest in them in the near future. Less than a week later, it is reported that Kenny Omega will be back soon. The math seems pretty simple there, and Khan has been delaying the release of the trio’s names until Omega can reunite with Matt and Nick Jackson. It’s just a matter of who they’ll be feuding with before and during All Out (assuming Kenny does return by then).

It seemed like the plan was supposed to be some kind of civil war between the Undisputed Elite and the elite, but Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are both wounded. Bobby Fish is back, but can’t fight Omega and The Young Bucks alone. So AEW fans will most likely bring Kenny Omega back sometime in the next few weeks, but many questions about his re-debut remain unanswered. Given AEW’s apparent lack of top heels, it seems likely that he will return to the screen as a bad guy, but even that is not certain.