Kenny Omega from AEW is Advertised for the August Quake By The Lake


Kenny Omega hasn’t appeared on AEW television since Full Gear on November 13, 2021, but that could change this summer, judging by the company’s recent advertising. The Best Bout machine deals with a lot of injuries, and AEW even showed some of his medical procedures on his YouTube channel in early June. This video was called “Shots of Kenny Omega being treated before returning to AEW!” and flew by a little unnoticed, given the consequences.

Reports indicate that Omega worked behind the scenes with AEW, but it is unclear whether his presence was weekly or recurring or not. He has been closely associated with the women’s division since the founding of All Elite, which has caused some criticism due to the way he was commissioned. However, working behind the scenes and returning to the ring are two different things. Omega may be nearing a return to action, possibly as early as August of this year, according to a recent advertisement.

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In the press release announcing Quake By The Lake on August 10, Omega is listed along with many other performers on AEW’s “star list”. Everyone else, except SM Punk, who recently got injured, is actively fighting for the company. Names like Sting, Jade Cargill, and John Moxley were also included in a press release posted by @SeanRossSapp from Fightful.

Fans need to read between the lines, but it’s strange to see Omega mentioned in the press release of Dynamite’s signature show in August, given how long he’s been inactive. It remains to be seen exactly how AEW will handle Punk’s injury and subsequent surgery, but it’s unlikely that he’ll just stay on the sidelines for the next six months. He’s too big and can damage the microphone a lot, so it makes sense to include him in this press. Punk could be there and could shoot a promo at the Dynamite branded show.

Why Omega will be turned on is darker. It may be a random list of names taken from the AEW list, but then again, everyone else on the list is actively speaking out right now. Omega has not been seen in the ring since November last year. It is worth noting that The Cleaner does not appear in any visual advertising of the show, where the focus is on such characters as Chris Jericho, Adam Cole and John Moxley. This is by no means a confirmation that Omega is close to returning, and, of course, his health comes first. Nevertheless, the appearance of his name in the AEW Quake By The Lake press release deserves attention.