Kendrick Lamar Will Broadcast The Big Steppers’ Full Concert From Paris


Kendrick Lamar is going to broadcast live the full concert of his “The Big Steppers Tour” in Paris this weekend.

The rapper teamed up with Amazon Music for a show at the Accor Arena on October 22, which also marks the 10th anniversary of his debut album “Good Kid, MAAd City“.

The show will be broadcast at 14:00 Eastern time (19:00 Moscow time) and will be available via Amazon Prime Video, the Amazon Music app and Twitch.

Tim Hinshaw, Amazon Music’s head of R&B and hip-hop, said in a press statement via The Fader: “Being a kid on the west side of Compton, hearing ‘Good Kid, the City of m.A.A.d’ for the first time and seeing Kendrick’s journey from the neighborhood from hero to global superstar ignited in me a fire for which I am always grateful. It showed me that no matter where you start in life, hard work and dedication will get you to where you hope and dream to be.

“Now, 10 years later, it’s almost poetic that two kids from the same city with similar but different dreams have landed in Paris to celebrate not only this record, but also Kendrick’s latest revolutionary album “Mr. Morality and big steppers.” We are honored to sponsor this tour and present this show to fans around the world.”

In October Lamar will give concerts in Europe, and in December he will finish the year with a tour of Australia and New Zealand. See the full list of concerts here, and concerts in the UK and Europe below.

Tickets for American concerts are available here, for concerts in Europe and the UK here, and for concerts in Australia and New Zealand here.


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