Kendall Long Explains BiP’s Return Before Joe and Serena’s Proposal: I Was “Under the Impression” He Was Struggling With


The 30-year-old writer of Just Curious appeared in the 2021 season of the spin-off “The Bachelor” with ex-boyfriend Joe Amabile. The former couple dated for almost two years after meeting in the fifth season of BiP in 2018. In the seventh season, Kendall had to see Joe fall in love with Serena Pitt.

“When I got back to the beach, I felt like I had a romance towards paradise because it was such a romantic experience the first time I went. And then, when I went for the second time, I really had hope that this would be the case — not from the point of view of reviving something with my ex, because why would I do it publicly when we have been in a relationship for two years and there is so much we can do? Don’t talk about on TV? In Mexico, it would take more than a couple of weeks,” Kendall explained on Tuesday, May 17, in the release of the podcast “Here for the Right Reasons”. “But I really had hopes of finding someone and contacting someone, and I did it. I had an affair with Ivan [Hall] and it was great. But, in the end, to see your ex in the place where you initially fell in love — it was very hard for me, and I did not expect it at all. I didn’t think I’d be so emotional. I didn’t think it would affect me. I thought we’d be cool, [we’d be] friends.”

Kendall told us that she didn’t watch the episodes when they aired last summer, but she had a hard time avoiding the reaction of viewers, many of whom accused her of still having feelings for Joe. There was even more backlash when Kendall seemingly returned to talk to the Chicago native minutes before he was about to propose to Serena.

“I got the impression that Joe was having a lot of mental difficulties because of our relationship and my presence there,” Kendall told us. “And so for me, coming back to talk to him would be a way of saying, ‘Hey, this chapter is closed. The way we ended up was a little weird, but let’s not be so weird and let’s move on.” [I had no idea] that there would ever be any proposal at all. …And I even said, like, “If there’s an offer, I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t want to go to the beach because it’s not my day—it’s their day.”

However, as fans remember, Joe got down on one knee shortly after Kendall left the platform.

“When I found out later that there was actually an offer, I was very upset and a little angry,” Kendall continued. “But that’s exactly how it ended. And, I hope, the situation that happened did not affect — it did not seem to affect either their relationship or their proposal in any way. I hope it was just as special, but I’d rather not be there that day.”