Kendall Jenner: this wax statue that does not look like him at all!


Kendall Jenner was entitled to her statue at the Madame Tussauds Museum in Berlin. However, it appears that the statue does not look like him at all. On the other hand she is similar to another famous star!

Indeed, the statue of Kendall Jenner raises many questions. Because she does not look like him at all! More crazy, the statue with its effigy looks more like another star! As much to tell you that this little detail will not please the diva. Another assumption, the sculptor wanted to represent the top before his cosmetic surgery operations. In this case we understand!

Because it must be said that the young woman has changed a lot since her adolescence. Besides, his features are not the same at all! Refined nose, high cheekbones, swollen lips, small detail that changes a person! Even if Kylie Jenner’s big sister denies her operations!

So this Thursday, December 5, 2019, the Madame Tussauds museum in Berlin unveiled her wax Kendall Jenner. So the top of 24 years was arranged in front of a mirror in what looks like an artist’s box. The whole, dressed in white, sitting cross-legged on the dressing table. The fans of the model were eager to come and discover the statue. Except they were a little disappointed ..

For the more interesting, they discovered the statue of Kendall Jenner on the account insta of the museum. So most people think the work is more like Victoria Justice than it is! The actress is 26 years old and it is true that she has features in common with those of the top. As for Kendall, she does not seem to be aware of her double and relaxes on the beach and boat as evidenced by her photos.


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