Kendall Jenner told what part of her body her sisters like to laugh at


Even supermodels have their own problems. Kendall Jenner has walked a lot of catwalks over the years, but there is one body part she still doesn’t like to talk about.

“I block all comments about toes,” the 26—year-old Kardashian Family graduate wrote on Instagram on Friday, April 1, along with several photos of her wearing a tight dress and platform flip-flops. The toes of the model were clearly visible in several pictures.

While the reality star said she plans to block any messages about her legs, her sisters were quick to comment despite her warning. “I love them,” Kylie Jenner wrote, adding a second comment with a string of crying and laughing emojis. “Hahahaha even from me???” Khloe Kardashian asked before adding, “I like your big toes.”

The matriarch of the Kardashian family, Kris Jenner, also appreciated the photos, although she did not comment on the taboo part of her daughter’s body. “God, I love you,” the 66-year-old mamager wrote on Instagram. A friend of the cover girl Hailey Bieber was just surprised by the situation, commenting: “Lmfaooooo.”

Kendall has previously discussed her legs, talking about some of her signature poses on the red carpet. “I have the longest toes in the world; these are spider toes. They are there,” she told Elle magazine in March 2015. “I have spider fingers too!”

The founder of 818 Tequila explained that she often tries to carry her weight when posing, because otherwise her toes “crunch” in shoes.

The California native isn’t the first member of the Kardashian—Jenner family to talk about her legs. In September 2020, Kim Kardashian dispelled rumors that she has a sixth toe, after rumors on social media about her numbers.

“When I wear a shoe, it kind of breaks right here and in the picture, I don’t know why, it looks like a sixth finger,” the 41—year-old Selfishness author explained in an Instagram Story video at the time. . The Skims founder noted that the chatter about her supposed extra toe is “very confusing” and “really wild.” She concluded: “I hope I answered my question about the sixth toe, because I only have five toes on each foot.”

Kylie, 24, also defended her legs on social media after commenters noticed that the middle toe on her right foot was shorter than the rest. “OK, so everyone wants to come get my fucking toes,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder said in an Instagram Story video posted in March 2020. “By the way, I have nice asses. And I broke that middle finger in high school. There’s nothing you can do with a broken finger, so I just had to let it heal the way I wanted it to heal.”