Kendall Jenner talks about the Christmas celebration with the Kardashians / Jenner!


In an interview with Elle, Kendall Jenner confided in the way she celebrated Christmas in the Kardashian family!

Each holiday is celebrated in the greatest possible way among the Kardashian-Jenners. Indeed, the latter do not do things by halves in terms of their birthday. And as Christmas approaches, Kendall Jenner has made several revelations about how he is celebrating this holiday.

In an interview with Elle, Kendall Jenner shared several secrets about this beloved family celebration. The young woman said: “My family has many traditions for the holidays. We love decorating our homes and putting ourselves in the Christmas spirit. It’s nice to be all together at this time of year. ”

But that’s not all. Our colleagues from Elle also asked her what was the most beautiful gift she had received. Kendall Jenner also said: “Being an aunt is certainly the best gift. It’s great to see my siblings having children. And that we can create memories during the holidays every year. ”

Kim Kardashian’s sister also added, “Every year my family has a Christmas party that I’m always looking forward to. We have fun with my loved ones on Christmas Eve. ” On the decorations, Kendall Jenner also said that she loves to put “lights. And holly down to the smallest corner. ” The goal ? To be able to welcome friends but also family.

Finally, to the question: “What gift from the Calvin Klein’s Holiday collection is on your Christmas list?” “, The Victoria Secret model also confided:” I will always ask for the Modern Cotton bra-panty set, which is comfortable and practical, I never get tired of it! “. Beautiful secrets that tell more about his way of celebrating Christmas with his family. We are also looking forward to discovering the family’s photos for Christmas!


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