Kendall Jenner: red lipstick and white top, she makes her fans fall in love!


Kendall Jenner posted a short video on her Instagram account. And we can say that the beautiful created the sensation near her fans.

Kendall Jenner never misses an opportunity to make her fans dream. And once it’s not customary, one of the Kardashian clan’s youngests has done it again. And for good reason she posted a rather sexy short video of her on her Insta account. His entire community could not validate his look!

Definitely, Kendall Jenner seems to be living her best life right now. Indeed, she has been single for 7 months now, and she is making the most of it. Even if there is a rumor that she is again with her ex Ben Simmons. A relationship that she had nevertheless decided to end because of their respective schedules.

Nevertheless, Kendall does not seem to be asking ten thousand questions. At barely 24, she still has time to think about all this. Unlike her sisters, all already mothers, she wants to take her time. And we understand!

Thus, Kendall Jenner multiplies stays with friends. We notably saw her benefited in Mimai with Bella Hadid. The two models were more beautiful than ever on their yacht. Back in the past few days, Kendall is still causing a sensation on her account. And enjoys unprecedented popularity.

Kendall Jenner then posted a short video on Insta. But it didn’t take more to melt all internet users. We discover the star filming herself wearing a simple white top. But her charming asset is her luscious red lips.

And Kendall Jenner seems to like this look because she kisses the camera. And that’s the case for millions of people who liked the video! Even her sister Kim couldn’t get over it and said, “You are the most beautiful girl in the world.” A very nice compliment!

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