Kendall Jenner pulls this out and sinks Kim Kardashian and Kylie!


We have seen on occasion that, as bees members of a cohesive hive and clinging to protect the community and the queen, when an external threat has loomed on the roof of the house of the most famous clan of the TV, the Kardashian, is Whatever the piece attacked, all women (and men, although far behind in relevance of their sisters and stepsisters) have reacted against it with great vehemence, from Kendall Jenner to Kim Kardashian.

It happened recently when Khloe Kardashian received the stab of her partner Tristan Thompson, an NBA player and former friend and companion of Lebron James, (though futile, since his scuffles have continued) upon learning of an infidelity, which were then several, of the pivot with an acquaintance. Also that it was on a public stage, a nightclub: neither short nor lazy had not been hidden, he was caught and the sisters and half-sisters stepped out of the matter, shaking the player with the beauty.

Among those who attacked him most strongly was former Queen Kim Kardashian, who charged hard for her carelessness. Normal. Of course, this sample, among others, is only what is seen superficially. Within these walls there are high egos wanting to leave and each success of one is the failure of the other, or at least the loss of part of its image, which is what they all live.

Kylie is the queen of Instagram as far as followers are concerned, also in terms of total revenue from associated businesses, mainly for her cosmetic products. And that throne seemed immovable, but now Kendall has appeared to usurp both Kylie and Kim the first place of income in the well-known social network, joining the top. In fact, Kendall achieved a total of $ 15.9 million this year, for 3.8 of Kylie. In this ranking developed the Buzz Bingo portal, Kim does not appear …


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