Kendall Jenner provokes her fashion fans with her bags!


In her Story, Kendall Jenner downright taunted her fashionista fans. Indeed, the eldest of the Jenner clan presented her new bags!

Kendall Jenner has just provoked her fashionista fans. Yes, the pretty brunette presented, in her Story Insta, her two new bags. And frankly, they are too hot!

Kendall Jenner is a real it-girl! Indeed, although very discreet about her love life, the pretty brunette is nonetheless a Kardashian-Jenner. And in this family like no other, everyone is ultra connected! Eh yes !

So obviously, it is not surprising to find different moments of the model’s daily life on her Insta page. Indeed, on her Feed, we can see her with her nieces Penelope and Stormi, striking a pose in a swimsuit, but also having fun like crazy with her girlfriend, Bella Hadid.

But today, it’s her two new bags that Kendall Jenner showed off on the platform. Indeed, in her Story Insta, the pretty brunette presented her brand new Prada bags.

And frankly, we are too jealous!


It’s not uncommon for Kendall Jenner to post Stories to her Insta account. But her post today made us downright jealous!

Indeed, on Insta, the pretty brunette presented a gift that she received from the Prada brand. And this is not just any gift! The brand sent him the two new models of the Cléo bag! Crazy, right?

Especially since this model is super trendy. It’s simple, everyone wants to get a Cléo bag from Prada.

And frankly, hers are too beautiful! Indeed, the brand sent him a white model as well as a black model. In short, two good basics that she can combine with everything. Luck !

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We, in any case, dream of having the same bags!


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