Kendall Jenner: this photo of her child that will make you smile!


A photo of Kendall Jenner has just surfaced on Instagram! The only concern is that on the picture, it lacks a tooth!

Surprise! A photo of Kendall Jenner as a child surfaced on the canvas! Indeed, the photo was posted by his sister Kylie…

Kendall Jenner has become one of the highest paid models in the world! But before that, the 24-year-old woman was quite shy by nature! Indeed, in the first seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashian, the pretty brunette did not want to show too much … Unlike her little sister!

Now, Kendall’s job allows him to travel around the world! Trips that take her away from her family somewhat! Indeed, his sister Kylie Jenner feels the lack and the distance! So she decided to post a photo of Kendall as a child on her Instagram account! She writes in legend: “I miss you”! We therefore invite you to see the photo in question below!

The photo Kylie posted is too cute! On the picture, taken in close-up, we can see Kendall Jenner smiling to the fullest! The only concern … It’s missing one! A photo that did not fail to make Internet users smile! Indeed, Kendall fans got involved in the comments!

“Kendall Jenner was really too cute”, “She hasn’t changed! She’s the only one who has kept the same face! “Or:” I love your relationship between sisters! Kendall was already a very beautiful child! Even without a tooth (laughs)! »Can we read on the canvas! A photo that will not fail to touch the main concerned … And which, for the time being, has already melted all internet users!


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