Kendall Jenner one-on-one with herself in her bubble bath!


On Instagram, Kendall Jenner was displayed in cocooning mode, in her bubble bath! Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!

Kendall Jenner showed off in cocooning mode, in a very large bath on Insta. The dream !

Kendall Jenner is a true it-girl. Yes, even the most discreet of the Kardashian-Jenner clan shares her life on the networks! Indeed, except for her love life which she wants to keep secret at all costs, the pretty brunette does not hesitate to share moments of her daily life on Insta.

So, on the platform, we can see Kendall Jenner posing for different magazines, going out with her friend Bella Hadid, or even celebrating the birthday of her big sister, Kim Kardashian!

But today, it’s a little more intimate pic that the pretty brunette shared!

Indeed, in her Story Insta, Kendall Jenner shared a photo taken in her bath in relaxation mode. Yes, the model sometimes has to take the time to rest.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


With her crazy career, and her life at two hundred dollars an hour; Kendall Jenner must also take time off to rest.

And what could be better than a good bath full of foam to relax a bit?

Yes, on Insta, the pretty brunette showed off in relaxation mode, in a very large bubble bath! And frankly, between the subdued atmosphere of her bathroom, the little candle, and the foaming water, the time seemed ideal to rest a little!

Yes, face to face with herself, the model could not think of anything, and above all, not think about her job! The dream, right?

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We, in any case, we hope with all our hearts that this little cocooning moment will have done him a lot of good!


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