Kendall Jenner mocked by a famous rapper, the video is hilarious


If Kylie Jenner can boast of being a billionaire at just 22, her sister Kendall has nothing to envy because she is one of the most popular and best paid models in Hollywood. In addition to marching on the finest podiums for the most talented creators and the most prestigious brands, the supermodel travels the world through his career.

From Paris to Milan via London and New York, the young woman is everywhere. And when she’s not wearing haute couture, Kenny J spends time with loved ones. Starting with one of his best friends, Tyler, The Creator. Follower of the second degree, the rapper never misses an opportunity to make fun of his friend and it’s always very funny. Voted Man of the Year 2019 by GQ, he took part in the quiz game for the magazine. For this, the rapper answered the questions of his friends the stars.

Among them, Kendall Jenner asked him to 1m30 of the video above: “You are the funniest person with whom to spend time and one of the people I love most.I just want to know when you go home at the end of the day and you find yourself, what do you feel and what do you think? ” A question that did not fail to make the principal concerned laugh. “I’m going to sleep, I do not know how I feel, I’m going home, I’m watching TV, I’m going to bed or showering, I love Kendall but I do not know what she’s waiting for.” Oh it’s like this I could change the world and anww, children. ‘ No, I’m just going to pound myself in. She really thought she said something crazy, “he said, completely hilarious and mocking. Who loves well chatises as well. Elsewhere in the news of the people, know that Troian Bellisario has unveiled the lovely meaning of the name of his daughter.


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