Kendall Jenner jealous of the new darling of Ben Simmons? We know more!


According to some sources, Kendall Jenner would not be ready to give up on his ex. Besides, it seems that she is jealous of new friend of Ben Simmons! We tell you everything!

A love spell has been cast on the Kardashian sisters! Because it must be said that in this family it only speaks of relationship, deception and new prey! For example, the media recently lent a relationship to Kylie Jenner and Drake who seemed very close. But this time it is Kendall Jenner, the most discreet of the family who makes talk tabloids!

While the young woman is single, she is suspected to still have views on her ex Ben Simmons. This is his latest relationship, completed last spring. But according to rumors, Kendall would not have gone to anything else in his head. While he would already flirt with some Maya Jama, who is a TV presenter and English radio.

It is sometimes hard to forget his ex, especially when the latter appears highly publicized! Sometimes it would be better to go out with complete strangers! Thus, Ben Simmons and Maya Jama were chatted when the athlete dragged the presenter. Following a photo she posted on her Instagram account! As The Sun says, it did not go unnoticed by Kendall Jenner!

“Ben’s interest in Maya has left Kendall wondering if she can stand seeing him with anyone else. Before continuing, “Kendall’s return could derail any flourishing love story.” Even if Kendall Jenner seems not to let go of his ex, while he is hitting on a girl who has just come out of a relationship! “Maya has not been single for a long time. So Ben and she take the time to get to know each other and to see if there is a spark »Business to follow!


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