Kendall Jenner: It’s important that she never left it at home!


Like a large part of the population in this time of confinement, slippers have become essential for Kendall Jenner!

Kendall Jenner has been delighting her fans for a long time. But the handsome international model has not finished surprising them!

Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner’s older sister, started her modeling career very early, in other words in 2009, at the age of 14.

The latter started to work on campaigns for different clothing stores. Then, little by little, she became a celebrity on the catwalks.

Each of her social media posts is synonymous with strong cash inflows and causes immense joy among her more than 142,000 subscribers.

Once again, Kendall Jenner hit hard on Instagram… MCE TV tells you more!


Kendall Jenner seems to want to show herself in a new light, to her community. So, a few days ago, the young woman posted an Instagram Story, when she woke up!

Something to amaze her many fans who are not used to seeing the model in the morning, and what is more “natural”.

She also took the opportunity to claim the election result, with a sticker from Joe Biden. Impossible for her to hide her joy!

But the star has put the cover back this morning by posting a photo in her outfit of the day, which turns out to be a bit unusual … Indeed, Kendall Jenner put on beige pajama pants as well as … her toupee slippers! And that looks great on him!

In legend, Kendall Jenner writes: “who’s cozier” (“what’s nicer” in French). So we have proof that even in the Kardashian / Jenner clan, we tend to give up heels and we like to feel comfortable at home!

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During confinement, her fans can only validate this essential!


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