Kendall Jenner as a cheerleader at Ellen DeGeneres: she is doing the show!


Invited in the Ellen Degeneres show, Kendall Jenner slipped into the skin of a cheerleader for a choreography!

Ellen DeGeneres just posted an amazing photo on Instagram! Indeed, in the picture, we can see Kendall Jenner in the middle of a cheerleader choreography …

Kendall Jenner has more ideas … Invited in the show by Ellen DeGeneres, the young woman of 24 delivered a real performance … Cheerleader! Indeed, the top model did not hesitate to lend herself to the game, just to remember her past as cheeleaders in high school …

The publication of the presenter made a lot of buzz on Instagram! In the picture, we can see Kendall Jenner in the air … In full range! And obviously, the latter is not dizzy! Indeed, she sports a broad smile! So we invite you to admire the photo in question below! Kendall is impressive… isn’t she?

During the little choreography, the American star joined the cheerleading team at Navarro College! She thus delivered an amazing performance! Indeed, Kendall Jenner did not hesitate to rise and perform staves … All, of course, on the set of the show of Ellen Degeneres!

The presenter has also posted a photo of Kendall Jenner in action … And the least we can say is that people loved it! Indeed, many of them have commented on this publication! “I am very surprised! I did not think that Kendall was capable of performing such gymnastic movements … Hats off to her! In addition, she does it with a smile! Or: “But Kendall really knows how to do it … It’s incredible! »Can we read on the social network! Enough to please the sublime top model!


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