Kendall Jenner appears for a project as scary as it is amazing


Kendall Jenner shares everything with her fans. Recently, she unveiled her latest fashion project on the Web. The photos are incredible!

Kendall Jenner is on all fronts ! The pretty brunette is one of the hottest models at the moment. On her social networks, Kylie’s sister therefore shared her latest fashion project. The shoot is also quite original .

Kendall never ceases to dazzle the fashion world! This Monday, January 17, 2020, the daughter of Kris Jenner also participated in the Burberry parade of Ricardo Tisci! To do the show, the young woman was not alone. The biggest models were also there! Like the Hadid sisters or even Irina Shayk . A crowd of stars was therefore present to attend the event which was held in London.

Unsurprisingly, Kendall Jenner also caught the eye ! With her outfit but not only. Her elegance and beauty are also her trademark. In the meantime, the young woman has made the buzz on the web. The reason ? The pretty brunette has unveiled her latest photo shoot. You’ll see, it’s worth the detour. The proof in pictures !

As you can see, Kendall Jenner did not share a regular photo shoot. This time, the top is displayed with ultra long hair. The young woman also poses in an original way. Her complexion is pale, nude make up is in order! In any case, her photos still seem to have conquered her community. In the thread of comments on her photos, the compliments are flowing from all sides!

“Woooow … sublime” can we do so in her posts or even: “Incredible, it’s not bad I like! ” . Being a recognized top model, Kendall Jenner works with the greatest creators . The young woman likes to take risks, but whatever she does is always successful! As proof: millions of Internet users liked her photos. Well done Kendall!


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