Kena: Bridge of Spirits takes you into the fantasy world


The Ember Lab title, which will go on sale on August 24 on PC, PS4 and PS5, has been presented at the Future Games Show.

In the era of the coronavirus, the big fairs have dispersed and the events have multiplied with different online shows. During the Future Games Show, companies like Daedalic Entertainment have shown their novelties for the future, as published by MeriStation. Ember Lab, the creators of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, took the opportunity to show a new official trailer for their video game, which you can see below these lines.

This new video introduces previously unreleased footage and intersperses cinematic scenes with some gameplay segments. It is a third-person adventure set in a fantasy world. Kena goes into the forest and fights against all kinds of creatures, while it takes time to safeguard the most innocent beings. This production is developed by the independent studio Ember Lab, which will bring its video game to PC and PlayStation consoles, both PS4 and PS5.

Delay to polish the product

Although Kena: Bridge of Spirits was scheduled for 2020, Ember Lab decided to delay it until the following year. The reason given is that they needed more time to reach the expected level of quality. Of course, one of the causes of this slowdown in production has been the coronavirus, which has forced developers to work from home and therefore change their working methods. “We will use this additional time to give it the polish it deserves and deliver an experience that meets our vision and your expectations,” they said in the statement.

This video game was one of the first titles presented for PlayStation 5. Sony’s next-generation console will soon release another of its most anticipated exclusives, the latest from Housemarque, the creators of Resogun. After Returnal, Kena: Bridge of Spirits stands as one of those productions that people wait with anticipation. For now, players can enjoy this trailer fresh from the oven.


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