Kena: Bridge of Spirits postponed to 2021


Ember Team confirms Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ delay until early 2021 on PS5, PS4, and PC. Working from home has slowed development.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits delays its launch on PS5, PS4 and PC until Q1 2021. In a statement published on the social network Twitter, Ember Lab confirms the date change, originally scheduled for some end point in 2020.

“This year has brought many challenges and the transition to working from home has slowed development more than we expected,” they comment. The date changes have been the keynote of the proposals expected for the last half of 2020. The health crisis in which we find ourselves immersed has not been easy for studies around the globe. Deathloop or Halo Infinite are just some of the examples in recent weeks.

During the same message, the study assures that the decision was not taken lightly. They think it is the best for the game and the team members themselves. “We will use this additional time to give it the polish it deserves and deliver an experience that meets our vision and your expectations,” they conclude. In this way, it is expected during the beginning of 2021.


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