Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS4 Has A Bug That Completely Crashes The Game


After a long wait, Kena: Bridge of Spirits came out today (21) at 01:00 am (Eastern Time), and had a great reception by the public, already reaching 84 on Metacritic (so far). However, some users of the PS4 version are facing a bug that completely crashes the game. Check out:

The mistake happens when players use the Tarot mask — an important item to progress through the main story — where the camera gets stuck in the first-person version and makes the game unplayable. It seems that the only way to fix the bug is to try to reload your save again, but there’s still a big chance the glitch will repeat itself.

So far, Ember Lab has not yet commented on the issue, but an update is likely to arrive soon for PS4 users. So stay tuned on Voxel for more information!

Did you run into the error playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits too? Let us know in the comments section!


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