Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Accessibility Analysis


Kena: Bridge of Spirits: Kena’s grand journey through enchanted woods and spiritual ruins has a charismatic visual style and dazzling graphics, but is this game accessible to all audiences? As a continuation of the space on accessibility in games, we will continue with some analyzes that focus on these issues.

I would like to emphasize that accessibility applies uniquely to each person and these are my personal impressions of the game as a person with low vision, my goal is to highlight the options that are present in the game and make it more inclusive.


For many of you who don’t usually use accessibility options, subtitles may be just a superfluous addition, and many games are localized in Portuguese these days, but for people with some kind of hearing or visual impairment sometimes have the option of changing simple features in texts can make all the difference. The game’s subtitles options are turned on and off without presenting different size or color options. This is generally seen as a negative feature in the accessibility world, as something as simple as having the option to change the size of subtitles or on-screen commands are things that can completely change a player’s experience with some type of visual impairment, for example.

It would also be interesting if the subtitles showed the name of the character who is speaking, as, for people with some type of hearing impairment, this would make the dialogues easier to understand. Another interesting feature to have in games would be the possibility of different colors for subtitles and the option of a dark background, so that the subtitle stands out from the environment.

As positive characteristics of subtitles, I can highlight the time it is present on screen and the amount of words presented in each dialog box. In addition, I also have to point out that the default subtitle size, even though it is unique, it is not small as in other games with tiny subtitles and very difficult to read.

And, it is worth remembering that the game is subtitled in Portuguese, something positive for the experience.