Ken Levine’s new game is in the final phase of production


The BioShock writer and creative director is wrapping up his first project with Ghost Story Games, and it’s a sci-fi shooter with RPG touches.

We hadn’t heard from Ken Levin for a long time, the writer and creative director of both BioShock (2010) and BioShock Infinite (his last game, already from 2013), but according to the job offer that his new studio just published, Ghost Story Games, this could change very soon. The developer is looking for a “senior producer” for the title, which according to said offer is in “the last stages of production”. In addition, the publication also reports the approximate size of the team (around 35 people) and the theme of the project, “a new and immersive sci-fi FPS with RPG elements.” The offer ends by talking about the “open” work environment in the studio, in which “every opinion counts, regardless of position”, and recommends being familiar with not only Rapture and Columbia, but also System Shock 2.

Ghost Story Games was founded in 2017 with the remains of the defunct Irrational Games, closed at the time, so the game could have been in development for several years. Ken Levine has defined it in the past as a new and “ambitious immersive simulation project”, and has assured that with it he wants to “bury the cinematics”, make a kind of “narrative LEGO” and offer a “more difficult and challenging experience than BioShock “. It’s not much, but it certainly sounds good and having the team behind it that has everything suggests that it will be worth keeping track of.

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