Kemal Can OCAK – The Man Behind Wineisanart


Kemal Can OCAK – The Man Behind Wineisanart

Kemal Can OCAK is a Turkish wine professional based in Turkey. He has known for his photography style that connects wine to the nature where it comes from.  Besides his day-time engineering job he is also judging wines at several international competitions.

It was during his wine education that he took up photography as a creative outlet. Kemal began traveling with the wine glass to shoot stunning scenes. The self-taught photographer Kemal has been clearly used his love of the arts to help blend nature and wine in a single photograph.

Pulling out the vibrant shades of vineyards and wine regions, his photographs appear to be straight from a dream. He called those photographs as wineisanart.

Other than his stunning photography works, Kemal received the qualification of Weinakademiker in 2019 and his thesis, “the Influence of Social Media on Wine” won the Austrian Wine Marketing Award.

His instagram account stands out from the crowd with his unique style. Kemal said “Everybody wants to talk about the wine flavours, ratings and how long does the wine last? I am a bit different. I am seeing every wine as an adventure, and new adventures are always exciting.”

Kemal loves to combine his wine knowledge with the eye of photography.

His wineisanart account on Instagram has now gone viral with thousands of followers.

To avoid crowds, Kemal usually shoots at popular spots around an hour after sunrise.

He still prefers shooting at sunset though.

To learn more about his favorite (and least favorite) wines, places, check out his his social media accounts.

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