Kelly Vedovelli very proud of TPMP audiences on C8!


This week marked the big comeback of TPMP on C8. And the audiences are really good. So Kelly Vedovelli is very happy with the show’s first ratings and shows it on social media. She publishes an Instagram story.

TPMP returns with a new version 2.0. Now daily there will be “Balance your post”. And the show will be devoted to debate. But not debate on light subjects no, on politics and really serious debates.

And apparently it works! For the start of this new format, the show has an audience of 720,000 viewers. But the best part, from Kelly Vedovelli’s screenshot, is that it is increasing day by day. 200,000 more people last night.

So this is a success for TPMP. Basic, the program is key audience level with Quotidien. But often Yann Barthès’s program is ahead of Baba’s. We will therefore have to wait to see if things will change audience level.


In any case, it’s a really good comeback for TPMP and his gang. In fact, Agathe Auproux is back on the set at 5:45 p.m. Thursday and Friday every week. She will be there to fuel the debate in Balance your post.

Kelly Vedovelli has a lot to be proud of. The former columnist can congratulate herself that her show is getting so many audiences in such a short time. But this may be due to the new columnists and the show’s new look. TPMP wants to be more serious.

Less jokes and wacky moments, but more debates about politics with people a little more able to talk about it. We are therefore waiting to see what role Kelly Vedovelli will have in the new program of Touche pas à mon poste.

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