Kelly Vedovelli très proche de son petit chien sur Instagram


It’s no longer a secret. The beautiful Kelly Vedovelli cannot spend a single day away from her adorable dog, a York-shire named Rosie.

Indeed, the columnist of the program Touche Pas À Mon Poste (TPMP) cannot stand being separated from her pet.

By the way, the pretty blonde, known for appearing in Maitre Gims’ music video “Bella”, takes her anywhere. As behind the scenes of the star program of the C8 channel.

So Kelly Vedovelli does absolutely everything with her doggie, like endless naps. The proof with his latest story on his Instagram account!

While the young woman is lounging on her sofa all day, the latter does not feel any guilt. And for good reason, Rosie does the same!

So, Cyril Hanouna’s little protégé takes the opportunity to film herself with her four-legged best friend. A hug that melts all its subscribers!


However, Kelly Vedovelli does not display her dog Rosie only in her story. In his feed, there are also many photos.

Including the one posted on July 4, 2020. Lying on the floor, the pretty blonde turns her eyes towards the lens. If this one displays a glowing look and a very sexy posture, another detail catches the attention of its fans.

Indeed, her doggie refuses to let her take this photo alone. So, her four-legged best friend climbs onto her stomach, and strikes a pose with her. This is so cute !

So, this post by Kelly Vedovelli amused her fans a lot. In the comments, many compliment her.

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